Zorch was created with the mission of finding a better way to source branded merchandise.

The very idea of the Zorch model originated out of frustration with the state of quality control in the promotional products industry. The founder of Zorch realized that a middleman distributor, who does not manufacture product, cannot possibly be an expert in each of the many different product and imprint categories available to the end buyer. If the suppliers are the true experts, how can a middleman distributor ensure product quality in a pad printing facility ten states away or in a factory halfway around the world?

Unlike other distributors, Zorch isn’t a middleman. We give Fortune 200 companies a single source for branded merchandise and connect them directly with manufacturers. Instead of heavy, unnecessary layers between the end user and the manufacturer, these two parties work together through an efficient and unique ordering experience.

Zorch is a full-service branded merchandise agency with a streamlined business model designed to deliver superior brand protection and quality control to clients. Tens of thousands of end users source merchandise for advertising through Zorch-powered eStores.

We guarantee:

• Unprecedented savings
• Improved order accuracy
• Better communication practices
• Time to focus on what matters most: your brand